Friday, August 20, 2010

Review by US Review of Books

The Triskaidek review by "The U.S. Review or Books" was published today:

See: The Review...

I really hated this review when I got my advanced copy of it. Sure, they say nice things like "Sprig weaves the magical and real worlds together, leaping from discussions of diamonds as conduits for time travel to the computer search engine fgoogle that mixes human and fairy knowledge, in an entertaining way..." but they also make the annoying statement "Although more careful editing would have focused the plot elements and improved the pacing, The Triskaidek is a fun-filled adventure for tweens and young teens."

I shall avoid sweeping statements about the attention span or intelligence level of the reviewer. Obviously I didn't like their suggestion that the book wasn't carefully edited. Perhaps it wasn't carefully read? These book review companies like The US Review of books seem to churn out book reviews like a factory.

Anyway, enjoy the review, but more importantly, enjoy the book!



  1. I just noticed that they put the publisher as "Camp Fae Book" (should be "Books") but that tells me something important: they are in fact reviewing the PRE-EDITED version of the book, and not the final one available now on Amazon and Lulu. So, basically, you can take what it says about being poorly edited with a grain of salt, maybe even a spoonful of salt, but not, please, if you have high blood pressure.

    If they had reviewed the correct version of the book it would say the publisher is CreateSpace.

  2. I think it would be best to appreciate the review, instead of picking at the little bits. Instead, take the advice of the reviewer. That's what they're here for. You can't complain about every bad thing you see in a review. Even the best books get those.