Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's up?

There has been so much up since August 20th, and it is a bit surreal that I haven't posted to this blog since then. Part of the problem may simply be that I am always sharing "small things" about what is going on in life over on the Camp Fae facebook page, or my main web site, or even the Basil Sprig MySpace page. There are a lot of small things going on.

First of all I did have a successful summer visiting several book stores and meeting fairy lovers at FaerieWorlds in Eugene Oregon. I had a successful autumn working on the sequel to The Triskaidek. I'm almost done with it now, and expect to finish the first complete draft by the end of the year. I've made a lot of friends with literary and artistic interests. I've been encouraged to make a short film using characters from The Triskaidek and I'm hard at work filming that right now, and entering the film editing stages. I've been getting some great reviews from various places, but not very many accumulating all in one place quite yet. I'm hoping to get more reviews on Amazon.com since that's the primary source for the book. You CAN order a copy of it at any bookstore, but it will not be printed up and sitting in any book stores anytime in the near future. Amazon.com is the largest bookstore in the world, and since that's where it is available, that's where I'm focusing my efforts.

But I've actually had my greatest success at small, out of the way, book stores. Most authors won't visit them, and I don't mind - a sale is a sale: one more happy reader. In fact, I'd have to say I LOVE SMALL BOOKSTORES! You guys have been great to me!

I suggest checking out my facebook page if you want the very latest information on everything. I've now got my own "proper" page address on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CampFae