Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ye Are All Fairies, Every One!

This morning I had an epiphany of sorts as I drove to work. It was the discovery of something I already knew. It was the finding of words for it.

Remember Tinkerbell? Yeah, Tinkerbell! It doesn't matter whether you remember the Disney one or the J. M. Barrie one (author of Peter Pan), remember Tinkerbell for a moment.

What was it she needed? She needed everyone to say "I do believe in fairies." In fact, it helped if they chanted this over and over again.

It brought her back from the dead (basically). Wow, that's some powerful stuff: belief.

This morning I suddenly realized I'm a fairy. You probably are too, only some of you are too ashamed to admit it. Certainly if you are a creative person, you probably sprinkle fairy dust everywhere you go, and more importantly, you need people to believe in you.

Don't feel self conscious. We ALL need people who believe in us to survive, to overcome, to triumph, to live. We are all (at least in this respect) fairies.

This past couple of months I've re-written the history of my year 2010 about five or six times. It was for me, by all considerations, something halfway between a soap opera and an epic fantasy. Although I have reworded it many times, and looked at it from many angles, I've realized at last, or perhaps decided, that the most important thing I learned this year was the importance of belief in myself, no matter how good or bad things got, but it doesn't just start or end there, it starts and ends with belief in others!

What I discovered was that if I believed in others, if I loved them, poured myself into them, encouraged them, smiled at them, hugged them, etc., no matter how often I might be misunderstood, and no matter how often my actions might be misinterpreted by malicious people, if I keep it up, if I keep going, if I keep believing in others, they in turn end up believing in me. And I discovered that I cannot survive without that.

I am a fairy at heart. Sometimes we all are, and sometimes we all need our friends to chant to us "I believe in you" in order to be able to pick ourselves back up and fly again.

Ye are all fairies, every one. And I believe in you.

You can accomplish any dream. You can triumph over every difficulty. You can do wonders. If you will only believe in yourself. So, here's some love and fairy dust. Pick yourself up and fly.

~ Basil