Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Camp Fae Video Recap and News

In celebration of two months since publication, plus an excellent review, here's a recap of all three of the Camp Fae videos (and below that some news).

Too Much Magic



Basil has been working hard to get ready for Oregon. In just two weeks we will be taking the show on the road, for two author bookstore appearances, a possible book reading, and three days at FaereWorlds festival near Eugene, where he will be featuring the Camp Fae Store with some Camp Fae Souvenirs, autographed copies of The Triskaidek, and some awesome fairy jewelery of Holly Brees Berenstain. Check out the Camp Fae Facebook page and click on the events tab to see the schedule for events.

Meanwhile, next week Basil will be attending the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference where he will be networking with fellow writers and readers, and more importantly publishers and producers agents and publicists. The idea is to promote and learn how to better promote The Triskaidek, along with book two in the Camp Fae series, and pique interest in making a film or underwriting mass publication of The Triskaidek.

According to Basil: "It is really a win-win situation redolent with possibilities. If I can't pick up a big publisher, I continue to make more money per copy of the book, but if I can, I end my making more money by massive distribution and marketing."

Contest. Did we say anything about a contest? This one is easy. Basil is giving away one free copy of The Triskaidek to the NEXT PERSON who becomes a fan of the Camp Fae Facebook page. What are you waiting for: Click now and follow the instructions:

Camp Fae Facebook page

Perhaps one of the most exciting things is that The Triskaidek got a great review from the independent book reviewer ForeWord Clarion Reviews. Check out the quotes on the Camp Fae facebook page, and Happy Reading / Happy Writing everyone!

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